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The Last Magic Forest

The old legends tell that in the forests of Cantabria the last battle against the forces of darkness was fought. · By Retroactivos


Recent updates

Hello good day ! , we are really excited with the reception that the game has had, they have asked us to make a version for MAC. We already have it !, but unfor...
T omorrow we can finally download the game. If someone is able to finish, I hope you like the end! With love to the 8bits
Is already closer ..
Is already closer ... Within a few days we can end our little tribute to the Magical Kid Wiz of the year 86. As we remind you it is not a remake it is just a pe...
The second beta
A few days ago we launched the second beta of the game for some friends, who have wanted to share their time with us. We have already received some advice and w...
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